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    1. somebody must like all this sort of stuff .. otherwise why would they insist on making it? i quite like the look of the &#&s#9haghai3;39; with an antique brown leather/creme linen .. but was taken aback at the 550 quid price mark .. for a made in italy blake stiched rubber soled shoe?! wtf! BIG YOURS TO CHURCHES > C&J OK I RECKON BUT GO J LOBB/G&G for the real deal i reckon..recession or no recession.anand

  7. "Garbled the eff out of that little metaphor didn't I? "Effin' A right you did.When your landlord tells you he needs 3 quarts of soup for the monthly nut, tell him you have 3 ounces, but it's really high quality. Get back to me with his answer. ;)-T.

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